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SoundCloud - Psyrchus Praximus Productions



Mariana & the Lonesome Roses (Heavy Female led Dark Swing) - Facebook - SoundCloud Sets, Songs - Website

Sweet Bippy (Heavy Fuzz Ukulele and Drums) - Facebook - Youtube - SoundCloud Sets, Songs, Originals - FUZZFEST - Bandcamp

The Avant National Guard (Noise and anti-Music plus Atonal Improvisations) - Facebook - Youtube - SoundCloud Sessions, Cuts, Labwork, Rock Hit You With

Crimes Against the Moonlight (Leonard Cohen Songbook) - Facebook - Youtube - SoundCloud Sets, Songs

Ted Keylon's One Man Band (Just Ted) - Facebook - Youtube - SoundCloud Sets, Songs


Esoterica - Facebook - Youtube - WQNA

(search WQNA on TuneIn and listen on Tuesdays at 10pm Central Standard)

Solid State VJ - Youtube


Ted Keylon - Facebook: Profile - Art Profile